March 1, 1990: Russ Ingrum checks the temperature of a patient while Bill Coombe and Larry Shafer look on. Those three were playing the Three Stooges in the Arcola Lions Club’s Forty-Third annual variety show on February 23-24 at the high school auditorium.

June 28, 1990: Bill Coombe displays a grass seeder during the annual Arcola Lions Club Action on Saturday, June 23, 1990. The auction conducted by Woody’s Auction Service in Tuscola, made hundreds of dollars for the organization.

July 5, 1990: Floyd Miller, immediate past president of the Arcola Lions Club, presented Lion of the Year Award to Don Miller, accompanied by his wife, Joyce. The award was presented during the organizations’ annual meeting on Tuesday, June 26th.   WCIA-TV weather forecaster Judy Frazier was the guest speaker.

July 5, 1990: The Arcola Lions Club elected new officers for the 1990-91 year during a meeting in the Arcola United Methodist Church on Tuesday, June 26, 1990. Jim Harbaugh, Past Lions District Governor and member of the Tuscola Lions, presided in the ceremony. Pictured are Ken Taylor, first-year member of the board of directors; John Mills, second-year board member; Bill Herrington, membership vice chairman; Jerry Stout, membership chairman and director; Floyd Miller, membership member; Duwayne Miller, two-year board member; Gary Sentel one-year board member, Joe Marks, tail twister; Terry Ford, first vice president; Don Wingler, president; Rick Edwards, second vice president; Joe Hunter, secretary-treasurer; and Rick Hackler, lion tamer.

July 12, 1990: Members of the Arcola Lions Club began removing the old roof on the Arcola Scout Cabin at 5:30 a.m. Saturday and replaced it with a new roof in a special service project for the Arcola Scouts.

September 27, 1990:The Lions came out recently to make their pitch for Candy Day at the annual Lions Club Candy Day Jamboree held at Oakland. Pictured with Lions District Trustee Duane Wagers are Lions Jerry Stout and Donald Miller.

January 3, 1991: Members of the Arcola Lions Club and Fire Department, headquartered at the Arcola a Scout Cabin, distributed a record quantity of food and toys to needy families in the area on Christmas Eve.

February 14, 1991: The Arcola Lions Club is selling mints for the first time this year for its fundraising, which are being sampled by the Dutch Kitchen’s Jerry Malady.   The Lions will be selling mints at several prominent Arcola businesses.   Lions Club funds are frequently used to assist the vision and hearing impaired.

February 28, 1991: Dave Herrington, portraying a maverick pirate, threatens his fellow pirates with a dagger.   The other pirates are Russ Madlem, Joe Marks, Gary Sentel and John Hove. The act was part of a spoof on the “Pirates of Penzance” during the Lions Club Variety Show on February 22-23, 1991.

May 23, 1991: A sign for the Arcola Scout Building was dedicated during a special ceremony Sunday afternoon.   The sign was dedicated to Bill Vyverberg, Arcola Scoutmaster at the time that the Scout Building was funded, built and dedicated. Vyverberg spearheaded the campaign for funding and building the Scout Cabin. The Scout Cabin was dedicated in 1959.   The Arcola Lions Club provides the Scout Building all maintenance and utilities.   Pictured are Bill Vyverberg and his wife, Virginia.   Don Rhodes and Joe Hunter organized the sign dedication.   Bob Moomaw made the Sign.

July 4, 1991: The Arcola Lions Club held its annual year-end awards meeting on Tuesday, June 25, 1991.   Bill Herrington was given the Melvin Jones Fellowship Award for humanitarian services.   Larry Shafer was named Lion of the Year.   Joe Hunter was given the Secretary-Treasurer Award, a position he’s held since 1982.   During the meeting, Jerry Ford was elected president for the 1991-92 year.

July 25, 1991: Officers for the Arcola Lions Club give Telva Williams, head librarian for Arcola Township Public Library, a copy of Paul Martin’s book, “We Serve,” a history of Lions Clubs.   Pictured is Joe Hunter, treasurer; Don Wingler, immediate past president; and Terry Ford, president.

August 1, 1991: Arcola Lions Club President Terry Ford gives Arcola School

Superintendent Millard Goben a donation of $4,000.00 for new carpeting in the

high school auditorium.

September 5, 1991: For the Thirty-Ninth Year, since 1952, members of the local Lions Clubs across the State of Illinois will participate in their fall ritual, commonly called Candy Day. Attending a recent Jamboree were Arcola Lions Joe Hunter and Don Miller, pictured with District Governor Blair Hammond.

November 14, 1991: Gail Lowry, coordinator for DARE in Arcola Schools, accepts a $200.00 donation from Arcola Lions Club secretary-treasurer Joe Hunter.

January 2, 1992: Arcola Lions Club member Eugene “Shammy” Shambarger carries one of hundreds of food baskets destined for needy families at Christmas time. Dozens of Arcola Lions Club members put together the food baskets at the Arcola scout cabin.

March 19, 1992: Members of the Country Folks musical group performed during

The Arcola Lions Club’s  Annual Variety shows this weekend is Ken Taylor, Jordan

Kaye, Bob Brehm, Barbara Kaye and Eugene Shambarger.

October 1, 1992: The Arcola Lions Club will participate in Candy Day collection, Friday evening, October 2, 1992 at the football game, Saturday October 3, 1992 at the 4-way stop Highway 133 and 45, and Wednesday and Thursday evenings, October 7 and 8, 1992 will be the door to door collection. Pictured are Lion Don Miller, Region Chairman: Lion Jerry Stout, Candy Day Chairman: Lion Lody Dyszkewicz, Governor District 1-E: Lion Rick Hackler, President: Lion Joe Hunter, Secretary: and Lion Dale Knowles, Candy Day Vice Chairman.

December 31, 1992: Mark Nacke of the Arcola Lions Club carries a food box for a needy family to a waiting truck. In the background is C.W. Chancellor.

March 11, 1993: The Country Folks band reassembled for the Arcola Lions Club Show on Friday and Saturday, March 5-6. From left are Bob Brehm on banjo, Ken Taylor on harmonica, Eugene “Shammy” Hamburger on guitar, Jordan Kaye on base fiddle and Barbara Kaye on fiddle.

March 11, 1993: Joe Hunter of Arcola was given the Lion of the Year Award after the Lions’ annual variety show on Saturday. Hunter joined the Arcola Lions in 1977 and has been secretary-treasurer since 1982.

March 11, 1993:Floyd Miller sings about power tools while Jim Jenkins has a bit of trouble with his small engine. The performance was during the Arcola Lions Club’s annual show on Friday and Saturday.

December 30, 1993: The Arcola Lions Club collected and distributed over 100 boxes

of food for Christmas to needy families. September 23, 1993: The Arcola Lions Club

will have Candy Day collection as follows:  the Arcola football game on October 1,

1993; the 4 way stop Rt. 45 and Rt. 133 on October 2, 1993; the door-to-door canvas

will be either Wednesday or Thursday evening October 6th or 7th.  During the past

year Arcola Lions Club spent over $1,300.00 on eye exams and glasses and hearing

assistance. Pictured is Donald Miller, District Cabinet Secretary; Jerry Stout,

Candy Day Chairman; Jack Wakefield, District Governor; and Joe Hunter, Club

Secretary. December 30, 1993: The Arcola Lions Club collected and distributed

over 100 boxes of groceries for needy Arcola area families December 24, 1993.

March 10, 1994: Kerry Bittenbender, Floyd Miller and Mark Nacke tell the story of Wolf Creek Pass at the Lions Club Variety Show Saturday, March 10, 1994: Host Donnie Miller introduces the Clampett family during the Family Feud segment of the Lions Club Variety Show, held Friday and Saturday. Bill Buogarner, John Mills, Jim Jenkins and Dale Knowles played the Clampetts.

July 7, 1994: The new Arcola Lions Club officers are DuWayne Miller, President; Kenneth Lambeth, First Vice President; Floyd Miller, board of directors; Dale Knowles, membership chairman and director; Larry Shafer, membership committee member; John Mills, Second Vice President; Joe Hunter, secretary and co-treasurer; and Don Winch, membership vice chairman. Not pictured are Rick Hackler, co-treasurer; David Pryor, tail twister; Curtis Atteberry, lion tamer; John Hove, Robert Reese and Jeff Edwards, board of directors.

September 29, 1994: The Arcola Lions Club served a chili supper to 300 people prior to the Purple Rider-Tuscola football game Friday evening. Pictured is Ken Lambeth serving a bowl of chili. Gary Sentel moves down the line after receiving his chili.

December 1, 1994: Don Miller received the Melvin Jones Fellowship Award, the International Lions Club’s highest honor, on November 19, 1994. Pictured are Lion Rick Hackler, Don Miller and Lion Joe Hunter.

December 29, 1994: The Arcola Lions Club and the Arcola Volunteer Fire Department delivered 90 gift baskets to families on Christmas Eve. The Lions Club collected canned goods and food and the fire department collected gifts for children, according to Joe Hunter, Lions Club member. The groups started delivering the items at 8:00 a.m. Christmas Eve.

March 2, 1995: Jim Uphoff, who directed this year’s Lions Club Variety Show, was named Lion of the Year Saturday at the final curtain of this year’s show. March 2, 1995: Floyd Miller performed a few tricks and attempted to ride a unicycle with the help of Russ Ingrum at the Lions Club Annual Variety Show Saturday. March 2, 1995: The Arcola High School Auditorium was transformed into the Big Top Friday and Saturday night for the Lions Club Annual Variety Show. Clowning around are Lions Dale Knowles, C.W. Chancellor and Vic Stenger.

July 6, 1995: The Arcola Lions Club annual dinner was held Tuesday, June 27, 1995. New officers presented at the meeting are Rex Goble, region chairman; Joseph Hunter, 1st vice president; David Pryor, Lion tamer; John Mills, president; John Hove, secretary; Don Winch, membership chairman and director; Duane Ingram, board of directors; Louis Turner, membership committee member; Jim Jenkins, board of directors; and Larry Shafer membership vice chairman. Not pictured are Jeff Edwards, Second Vice President; Gary Sentel, treasurer; Floyd Miller, tail twister; and John McGarvey and Robert Reece, board of directors.

October 5, 1995: This year the Arcola Lions will participate in Candy Days on Wednesday and Thursday, October 11 and 12, 1995 door-to-door from 6:00-9:00 p.m. and at the 4-way stop on Rt. 45 and Rt.  133 on Saturday, October 14, 1995 under the leadership of John Mills, club president, and Jim Harrington, Candy Day chairman.   Pictured are Jerry Stout, Jim Harbaugh, District Governor, and Joe Hunter.

October 26, 1995: Arcola Lions Club member Don Miller serves up a helping of chili during Friday night’s Lions Club Chili Supper in the school cafeteria.

December 28, 1995: The Arcola Lions Club and the Arcola Volunteer Fire Department delivered 104 gift baskets to families December 23, 1995.   The Lions Club collected canned goods and food and the fire department collected gifts for children. The groups started delivering the items at 8:00 a.m. on December 23, 1995.

December 28, 1995: Larry Shafer and Phil Blasé prepare the food baskets Saturday morning at the Arcola Scout Cabin. The Arcola Lions Club and the Arcola Volunteer Fire Department delivered the 104 gift baskets to 104 families in the Arcola area December 23, 1995.

March 7, 1996: Duwayne Miller received the Lion of the Year award from Arcola Lions Club President John Mills at the end of the Arcola Lions Club Variety Show Saturday.

March 7, 1996: A highlight of the Arcola Lions Club Annual Variety Show Saturday in the high school auditorium was Eugene “Shammy” Shambarger’s performance of his ode to Arcola, “Exit 203.” Pictured is Bill Brehm of Decatur on bass, Bob Brehm of rural Arcola on banjo, Shambarger and Barbara Kaye of Pesotum on the fiddle.

March 21, 1996: DuWayne Miller was presented with the Lion of the Year award from Arcola Lions Club President John Mills. Miller joined the Lions Club in March 1990, and has served on a number of committees and assisted in fund raising activities. Miller was Lions Club President during the 1994-1995 year.

September 5, 1996: The Arcola Lions Club received a banner from Immediate Past District Governor Jim Harbaugh of Tuscola Displaying the banner are Joe Hunter, (president of the Arcola Lions Club and cabinet secretary for Miller) and Don Miller (District Governor of District IE Lions Club of Illinois). The banner was displayed at the club’s meeting held at Moore Memorial Park Tuesday, August 27, 1996.   A 4-wheeler was raffled and won by Larry Chancellor of Arcola.

September 19, 1996: Ruth Ann Yoder of the Dutch Kitchen is presented a check for $500 from Lions Club District Governor Donnie Miller. The Dutch Kitchen was the winner of the Humanitarian Lottery Calendar drawing or District 1-E Lions. Proceeds from the calendar are used for any Lions Club in the district that needs assistance with humanitarian services.

October 3, 1996: The 1996 Lions Club Candy Day collections will be made door to door October 9 and 10 and at the four way stop at Routes 45 and 133 October 12, 1996. Pictured are Joe Hunter, president of the Arcola Lions Club; Jerry Stout, Candy Day Chairman; Don Miller, governor of District 1-E; and Gary Sentel, Lions Club secretary. Not pictured is Jim Harrington, co-chairman for Candy Days.

December 19, 1996: The Arcola Lions Club surprised Donnie Miller with a check for $1,000 at the club’s meeting Tuesday, December 10, 1996. The money will be used to help defray expenses Miller will incur as District Governor of Illinois Lions Clubs. Over $800 of the total amount was raised from the club’s annual chili supper. Pictured with Donnie Miller is his wife, Joyce.

December 26, 1996:Members of the Arcola Lions Club prepare hundreds of bags of candy, which Santa Claus handed out to children at the Arcola Depot Saturday. The Lions Club members filled the bags Thursday at the Arcola Scout Cabin.

December 26, 1996: Floyd Miller is pictured bringing out a gift basket from the Arcola Scout Cabin Tuesday, December 24, 1996. The Arcola Lions Club and the Arcola Volunteer Fire Department delivered holiday gift baskets to families throughout Arcola. The Lion Club collected canned goods and food and the fire department collected gifts for the children. Volunteers started delivering the baskets at 8:00 a.m. On December 24, 1996. Numerous civic groups and school organizations helped in collecting and donating to the project.

March 6, 1997: The Arcola Lions Club installed three new members at a meeting held Monday, February 25, 1997.   Pictured are Don Miller, District Governor; Eugene Miller, Past District Governor; Vic Stinger, sponsor for Jim Richey; Mark Spain hour and his sponsor Joe Hunter; Ron Gardner and his sponsor Bill Coombe.

March 13, 1997: The Arcola Lions Club 50 Th Anniversary Variety Show was Saturday, March 8 in the Arcola High School auditorium. Pictured are Harold Cummins showing off his fishing pole during the “one room school” skit, chorus director Ron Vyverberg receiving a gift certificate from Rev. Don Winch for his 15 years of service directing the choir, Jeff Edwards receiving the “Lion of the Year” Award from Lions Club President Joe Hunter, and “Whistling Runts” Gary Sentel and Dale Knowles.

March 27, 1997: The Lions of Illinois Foundation, in cooperation with the Arcola Lions Club, held a diabetic eye screening program Wednesday, March 19 at the new addition of the Arcola School. Over 30 people took part. Pictured are Del Penton, a diabetic technician from Lions of Illinois Foundation, and Arcola Lions Club member Joe Hunter.

April 24, 1997: The Arcola Lions Club will honor four charter members at a 50 th Anniversary Charter Night May 3 at Rockome Gardens Restaurant. Robert C. Coombe, William A. Herrington, George Dilliner and Harry Keal are listed among the 62 current active Lions Club members. Those four were among those who joined Lions when the Mattoon Lions Club sponsored the organization of the Arcola Club on February 11, 1947. Past International Director Donald K. McGee of Davenport, Iowa will present the keynote address. Arcola is one of 42,000 Lions Clubs in 130 countries worldwide. Arcola Lion Donald C. Miller is present Governor of Illinois District 1-E.

July 31, 1997: Lions Club drawing on Thursday, July 31st. The Arcola Lions Club will have a drawing for a 4-wheeler at Dutch Kitchen at 2:00 PM. A few tickets are still available. If you would like a ticket, contact one of the following people: C. W. Chancellor, Larry Shafer, Joe Hunter, Donnie Miller, Jim Jenkins, or Louis Turner.

October 9, 1997: Arcola Lions Club members pictured from left to right are Jerry Stout, Candy Day Chairperson; Wallace Kistler, District 1-E Governor 1997-98; Duane Ingram, Secretary Arcola Lions Club; and Joseph Hunter, Immediate Past President Arcola Lions Club. (Candy Days 1997)

October 9, 1997: Over 25,000 Lions members in more than 719 Lions Clubs in Illinois, plus members of Lionesses and Leos, and friends, relatives and other volunteers, under sponsorship of the Lions of Illinois Foundation, the philanthropic affiliate of the Illinois Lions Clubs will present Lions Candy Day for humanitarian services for the blind, visually impaired, deaf and hearing impaired. This program will begin Wednesday and Thursday, October 8 and 9 from 6:00-9:00 p.m. and Saturday, October 11 form 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon at the 4-way stop (Rt. 133 and Rt. 45). Volunteers can be identified by special apparel they will be wearing: special aprons and the Candy Day canisters that they will be holding. Those that benefit are the local Lions Club service projects to benefit the blind and deaf; statewide projects and programs in support of the blind and deaf, administered by the Lions of Illinois Foundation for Illinois Lions Clubs; Hearing Screening Unit; social Services and Referrals; Used Hearing Aid Bank; Camp Lions for both children and adults; Low Vision Clinic at Jacksonville; statewide comprehensive Low Vision Evaluation Clinics and Diabetic Eye Screenings; and grants that are awarded by the Foundation at the request of local Lion Clubs. In the past, grants have gone to various blind serving agencies such as Hadley School for the Blind, Dialogue Publications, Eye Research Institute at the University of Illinois and Illinois College of Optometry.

October 16, 1997: Donald G. Miller, 64, of Arcola, died at 2:40 p.m. Tuesday, October 7, 1997 at Covenant Medical Center, Urbana, IL. Donnie was Past Lions Club District Governor. Mr. Miller joined the Arcola Lions Club in 1975 having served as secretary, treasurer, first vice president and president. He also served Lions Club District 1-E as cabinet secretary, chairperson of zone 41, and chairperson of region 4. In 1996 and 1997 he served Lions Club District 1-E as governor. He was a member of the Past District Governors Association.

October 23, 1997: Hundreds of people enjoyed the Arcola Lions Club annual Chili supper Friday, October 17 in the Arcola school cafeteria. Pictured nearest the camera are Lions Dan Knowles, Don Winch and Butch Guennewig.

June 11, 1998: The Arcola Lions Club hosted a reception on Sunday for the four charter members who are still with the club. The Arcola Lions celebrated their 50th anniversary in 1997. Charter members are from left , Harry W. Keal, George Dilliner, W. A. (Bill) Herrington and Robert C. Coombe. Several Lions members, family and friends attended. Also attending was Wallace Kistler, District 1_E governor, Lions of Illinois. Lion Van C. Stone, executive administrator of the Lions of Illinois Foundation, presented the Foundation Fellow Awards. Visiting guests were Lion James Harbaugh of Tuscola, past district governor; Lion Eugene Miller, District 1-E chairperson for Camp Lions and the District 1-E Humanitarian Fund for Sight and Hearing; and Lion Rodney R. Ryan of Arthur, District 1-E Zone 41 chairperson. Also at the ceremony, the Humanitarian Award was presented posthumously to Donnie Miller for his work with the sight and hearing impaired. His wife, Joyce Miller, accepted the award.

October  8, 1998: The Arcola Lions Club will have it’s annual Chili Supper on Friday October 16, 1998 in the Arcola High School Cafeteria from 5 – 7 p.m.

November 26, 1998: Jerry Stout, a member of the Arcola Lions Club, was voted Lion of the Year for District 1-E November 15. Stout has been a Lions member since 1972 and he has bee Arcola Lion of the Year twice (1982-83 and 1984-1985). He has also been chairperson f or the Arcola Lions Club Candy Day drive for the last 10 years. Stout has been ads chairperson for the District 1-E Convention Book the past three years and previously served as secretary (1967-77) and president of the Arcola Lions Club (1983-84).

December 31, 1998: The Arcola Volunteer Fire Department collected gifts for 46 area families in need. Members of the Arcola Lions Club delivered them the morning of Thursday, December 24.

February 18, 1999: The Arcola Lions Club sponsored its annual distribution of Christmas baskets this year. The club is helped each year by Arcola Girl Scout Troop 164, which collects food items and toys for the distribution. The Lions Club then distributes the items prior to Christmas. Pictured above are (L-R) Hannah Clark, Leah Clark and Mindy Murphy of Arcola Girl Scout Troop 164 with Arcola Lions member Gary Sentel. Not pictured are Girl Scouts Erica Lathem and Rachael McCoy.

March 25, 1999: The Arcola Lions Club, in conjunction with the Lions of Illinois Foundation and the Illinois Retina Associates, will provide a free screening to anyone who would like to have a picture taken of their eyes for Diabetic Retinopathy on Tuesday, April 6, from 9 a.m. to noon at Arcola High School.

April 22, 1999: The Lions of Illinois Foundation Diabetic Eye Screening was held April 5 at Arcola. Pictured above are Arcola coordinator Joyce Miller and Lion Tom Wright with the statewide screening unit. At right is Lion Joe Hunter assisting for the Arcola Lions. Arcola Lions President Malcolm Fox provided a darkroom at the Arcola School for the screening. It was also handicapped accessible.

September 23, 1999: The Arcola Lions Club presented the 1998-99 Lion of the Year Award to Lion Donald C. Winch. Immediate Past President Lion Malcolm N. Fox presented the award at the club’s annual family picnic held August 24. Rev. Winch cane to Arcola in August 1986 as pastor of the Arcola Presbyterian Church and has served the community of Arcola in many ways through offerings by the church such as CPR classes, summer reading programs and use of the church as a storm shelter. For 10 years, Rev. Winch has served on the Arcola Telecare Board, which offers transportation and other services to senior citizens of the community. For the past eight years, he has organized and coordinated the American Red Cross blood drives in Arcola twice a year. Rev. Winch belongs to the Arcola Ministerial Association and has also spoken to several civic organizations. He also served on the board off directors for the Arcola Lions Club. Rev. and Mrs. Winch have been married for almost 33 years and are the parents of three children who are in various stages of higher education at three Illinois universities.

October 28, 1999: Pictured are Rev. Don Winch and Duane Ingram serving one of many bowls of chili on a cold Friday, October 22.

November 4, 1999: Bill Vyverberg, Business and Civic Leader, dies at 83. He was a member of the Arcola Lions Club, in which he served as a past president, and originated the annual Lions Club Variety Show. He was named Lion of the Year and was surprised with a “This Is Your Life” service. He was active in the Boy Scouts of America, serving as a scoutmaster for 35 years, and was instrumental in constructing the Boy Scout Cabin in Arcola. He received scouting’s highest leadership award, the Silver Beaver, on February 12, 1959.

December 30, 1999: C. R. Stephens helps bring out the food baskets on Friday, December 24. The Arcola Lions Club delivered nearly 100 food baskets to needy families in the area.  The Lions Club collected canned goods and food from numerous civic groups, the Arcola High School, and junior high science classes and the elementary school.